Nicki Hutley is a highly experienced economist, with broad-based expertise in both macroeconomics and microeconomic policy gained over more than three decades in financial and investment markets and in economic consulting.  She is particularly interested in the intersection of economy, society and environment.

After many years in the corporate world of banking, investment and consulting, Nicki is now an independent economist and keynote speaker. Nicki helps her clients top measure the impact of policies, programs and projects using triple bottom line Cost Benefit Analysis. Nicki is also the Chief Economic Adviser to the Customer-Owned Banking Association and a member of JANA's sustainability advisory committee.

Nicki is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker on long and short term economic issues, with a lens on social and environmental influences. She is also a frequent commentator in the media, and a regular guest on both The Drum and The Project.

In 2020, Nicki was appointed as a Councillor for the Climate Council. Nicki is an economic adviser to the Financy Women’s Index, a committee member for the Australian Business Economists and she was President of the Economics Society of Australia (NSW Branch) from 2021 to 2023.

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